Oral Risks

What if I just sucked on it?

Risks of Oral Sex/Blow Jobs/Giving Head/Getting Head/Sucking on it

Using condoms protects against STIs. They even come in flavours to increase the fun. If you don’t use a condoms for blow jobs….
get tested.


  • They can infect your throat, anus, and urethra (pee hole)
  • If you give head, get your throat swabbed
  • If you get head, get a urine test


  • Transmits skin to skin and is VERY easily transmitted through giving or getting head
  • Syphilis often has no symptoms. If you give or get head, get a blood test
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  • Transmits skin to skin
  • No test at this point to know if you have HPV
  • If you notice any new bumps on your genitals see a doctor
  • Get vaccinated for HPV
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  • This is the cold sore virus
  • If you have cold sores and give head, you can transfer them to the other guy’s penis
  • If you have herpes on your genitals and get head, you can transfer this to the other guy’s mouth
  • If you notice any sores, rashes or blisters get it swabbed ASAP


  • Is lower risk to pass through oral sex, but the risk is not zero
  • To decrease the risk, do not give head if you have any sores in the mouth. Do not floss or brush your teeth before or after giving head.
  • Get a blood test to test for HIV
  • Prevent HIV with PrEP
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  • Q: Does it make a difference if I swallow?

    A: No. Spitting, swallowing or not letting the guy cum in your mouth will not make a difference in the transmission of an infection.

  • Q: What about Hep C?

    A: Hep C is not generally considered sexually transmitted. Hep C is transmitted blood to blood. This means your blood needs to come in contact with someone else’s blood.