Safer Meth Use

Going out with Tina tonight?

Thunder Bay is seeing more Crystal Meth/Methamphetamine use than ever before. It is being used on its own and with other drugs.

These are some things that you should know…

What effects will I feel on meth?

  • Increased perception of pleasure during sexual encounters
  • People feel less affected by rejection while high
  • Increased feelings of connectedness ability to “connect” with another person or feel empathetic towards them

Where do I get meth pipes?

  • Thunder Bay District Health Unit/Superior Points Harm Reduction Program
  • Elevate NWO
  • OATC
  • Shelter House
  • PACE
  • NorWest CHC

Are there safer ways to use meth?

  • Take smaller amounts at a time.
  • Eat, sleep and drink water before you get high
  • Limit the amount of days you use for
  • Never share pipes or injection equipment

What are the risks?

  • The come down is hard. People feel isolated,
  • People often have more sex partners and sex for longer periods of time
  • People use less safer sex practices as meth affects your ability to make safer decisions.
  • Meth can seem very manageable for a long time, but things people often lose control quickly.
  • Meth can cause long term damage or permanently damage the brain

What are the risks?