Hepatitis A

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What is Hepatitis A?

Hepatitis A is a virus that attacks the liver.

How is it spread?

It spreads through the fecal matter (poop) of an infected person. The infection then has to make its way into the mouth. Rimming (eating, licking, sucking, kissing in and around the ass) is a risk for Hep A. Other types of anal play, can be a risk because touching the infected area (even touching the outside of a used condom) and then touching the mouth can transmit the virus. Check out CATIE for more information.

What are the symptoms?

Some people experience no symptoms. Symptoms might be: being less hungry than usual, feeling like you want to throw up, stomach pain, more tired than usual, fever, light-coloured poop, dark pee or yellowing of the skin and/or eyes.

How is it tested?

It can easily be tested for by a blood test. There is no cure. Most people resolve the virus on their own. Sometimes people require hospitalization.

The vaccine is FREE for men who have sex with men.

The Thunder Bay District Health Unit offers the vaccine for free. Click here to for Clinic Information.