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Consent is hot, assult is not.

Always ask for consent.

Consent is defined as a voluntary agreement to engage in sexual activity with another person(s). If consent is not given by both people, it is sexual assault

No, consent can not be given when:

  • a person is impaired by alcohol or drugs
  • a person is unconscious or sleeping
  • a person is in a position of trust or authority (teacher, coach, employer, etc.)
  • a person uses intimidation or threats to coerce someone into sexual activity
  • a person changes his or her mind and says “no”

Remember that:

  • saying “yes” to one thing doesn’t imply “yes” to something else
  • if you move on to something else, each person needs to consent again
  • pressuring someone to change their mind is not consent
  • silence or the lack of resistance is not consent
  • consent cannot be given ahead of time; the existence of a relationship or past sexual activity does not alone constitute consent. Subsequent consensual sexual activity, communication, or other conduct of a sexual nature does not suffice as evidence of consent to prior sexual activity.

21% of people between age 18 and 34 incorrectly believe that sending an explicit photo, text or email counts as consent.

  • if you have to ask, then you’re a loser
  • asking takes out the romance
  • If it’s not spontaneous, it’s not authentic or sexy
  • if you have to ask, then clearly you’re not a “real man”

Try asking like this:

  • “What if I were to kiss your neck right now?”
  • “Would you like me to run my fingers over your hip?”
  • “Can I kiss my way down your stomach?”
  • “What would you like next? Do you want me to touch you here?”

By doing this you are getting consent and continuously getting consent throughout the act of having sex. You are also allowing your partner to participate and can make your them eager to say YES! OVER and OVER and OVER… Now who doesn’t like to hear their partner say YES! so enthusiastically when you’re giving them exactly what they want.

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